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Bast ~ A Message for the Collective, The Goddess Oracle

Be careful as today’s energies are high but quite scattered. You might have problems focusing or you may find yourself becoming a part of or even instigating petty arguments. Try to take your time when working on projects or driving… Continue Reading →

These are strange times my friends. Even if you’ve somehow managed to retain your pre-pandemic schedules and habits, chances are your energies are all over the place. Sleep and moods are being affected even when you don’t feel as if… Continue Reading →

I’m glad this card was drawn reversed today as I’ve been feeling like I should write about it but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you’ve been feeling like your hard work and efforts aren’t getting you anywhere,… Continue Reading →

You do not have enough information to make a decision at this time. I know you’re trying to take this time to address issues you didn’t feel you had enough time to deal with before the world stopped, but there… Continue Reading →

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