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Even the most introverted of us have a need to connect with others on a soul level. We’re human, it’s just how we’re built. The majority of our friendships will come and go, sometimes even those close connections grow apart…. Continue Reading →

We need our friends so make sure you are being a good friend as well. Our friends comfort us and bring laughter into our lives but if you’re trying to use them to fill your emptiness then you are using… Continue Reading →

Keep your head up and walk your path wherever it may take you. You will sometimes have to leave others behind throughout your journey, and they are often people you care for. As you learn more about yourself and your… Continue Reading →

You may have begun strengthening the bond of a new friendship in your life or have come to a realization that a particular friend or group of friends aren’t necessarily good for you to be spending so much time with…. Continue Reading →

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