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Today is a good day my friends! Even if you don’t feel it started out that way, you have the opportunity to change it. Weigh out your responsibilities today to see if you might be able to free up a… Continue Reading →

I don’t think there’s really many people out there who aren’t feeling more than a little stifled right now. The appearance of Baba Yaga drives home the need for real fun, raw and wild, to reignite that spark that inspires… Continue Reading →

We try so hard to be reasonable and practical sometimes that we forget the importance of things that make our hearts smile. These are things that give our life true quality. As in all things, it is advisable to strike… Continue Reading →

The reversed appearance of these cards tells me that you’re in a place in your heart where you might not even know what to pray or wish for. You may not know how to see better for yourself and base… Continue Reading →

The Lad reminds us of the importance of play. Playing not only gives us needed time away from our worries, it sharpens the skills we use when we’re not playing and brings a lightness to whatever difficulties we are contending… Continue Reading →

You are more than someone’s parent, someone’s child, someone’s spouse or employee. We get so wrapped up in the roles we play in the lives of others that we easily forget there’s and actual “me” somewhere in there. Then for… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/16/20 – Lady of Love

While yesterday’s card was about honoring your grief, today’s card is calling you to look beyond the grief or whatever is missing in your life so you might find, acknowledge, and increase your abundance. However difficult your circumstances, there is… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/13/20 – Time and Tide (reversed)

You do not have to believe in a divine entity in order to understand that everything we are, do, give, and take is an exchange of energy. We have a tendency to just do what we feel needs (or wants)… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/11/20 – Sedna

If you feel as if people are always taking advantage of you or you’re a magnet for unfortunate circumstances and shitty people, today’s card is for you. If you identify who you are by the hell you’ve been through, or… Continue Reading →

What is going on? Oh yeah, another full moon, take advantage of its energy!

Well no wonder we’ve had a collective case of chaotic brain! This weekend the Snow Moon is showering us with all sorts of energy, so make sure you try to harness it instead of letting it spank you! The full… Continue Reading →

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