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The Wheel reminds us that many of the highs and lows of life are beyond our control. As we approach a new year we tend to reflect on the previous year and make well intentioned resolutions we are almost sure… Continue Reading →

It is time to look at where you’ve been and where you’re going. You may have thought you had everything planned out but your circumstances changed. You may want different things than you did a year ago or you might… Continue Reading →

The Star represents healing, hope, inspiration and flowing creativity. I feel that there is finally some forward movement on the horizon after a long period of stagnation, pessimism and doubt. Things are ever changing and our difficulties are subject to… Continue Reading →

Stop Beating Yourself Up – 5 of Swords

Stop beating yourself up. We all make mistakes, we don’t get everything we try for, and there is always someone who does it better than you. Sometimes life gets in the way, sometimes we get in our own way, and… Continue Reading →

Cages come in many shapes and sizes. They might come in the form of a controlling relationship or a job where you are mistreated. They look like people and circumstances outside of us but they are most often built within… Continue Reading →

Even the most wonderful changes can evoke fear within us. We find ourselves full of self doubt and uncertainty, we imagine all the things that can go wrong. Of course the more difficult changes send us far deeper into that… Continue Reading →

The past is gone and the future is beyond your grasp. It is the present moment alone that holds your opportunity for happiness and peace. Longing for what is gone or thinking you’ll finally be happy when you get what… Continue Reading →

Change can be a pretty scary thing for most of us. We may embrace the good we know is coming can be downright terrified of the unknown that comes with it. We fear the risk of failure or all the… Continue Reading →

A perfect follow-up to yesterday’s card, this card drives home the need to imagine and visualize what you want. Once you can imagine it you can begin to believe in its possibility and take action to make it happen. If… Continue Reading →

This message is coming in quite loud and crystal clear. It is time to take responsibility for your life. No more blaming or resenting others, no more letting your circumstances dictate your destination, no more allowing fear to hold you… Continue Reading →

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