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A Message from the Universe ~ A Note on Abundance

Today’s Message from the Universe invites you to examine your relationship with abundance. Abundance is all around you, even when…Today’s Crystals…

A Message from the Universe ~ Gratitude Attracts Abundance

You are always manifesting, even when you aren’t consciously focusing your intentions. Right now, I feel like there are a lot of you out there who have just been trying everything you can to bring something into your life and… Continue Reading →

As with last week’s message, we are urged to be still at this time. Do not let your panic or the urgency of others cause you to make an unwise decision or a move for which you are not quite… Continue Reading →

Most of my decks are packed and waiting to be shipped because I’m relocating so I’m not posting as often as I was. I wasn’t going to post today but I feel like someone really needs it. This time of… Continue Reading →

When you’ve spent a lifetime or even a short time lacking basic material and emotional resources it creates a “lack” state of mind that can be difficult to overcome. You might reject help from others because others have always let… Continue Reading →

You are blessed and the drawing of this card indicates more is on the way. Keep in mind, if you are unable to acknowledge and be grateful for what you already have, chances are you’re not going to appreciate what’s… Continue Reading →

You don’t have to live in abject poverty to understand the state of mind that comes from always worrying about not having enough. This is a tough mindframe to get out of. Even when we find ourselves in a better… Continue Reading →

Pick your chin up, square your shoulders, and be ready for blessings! If you walk with your head down, focused on your difficulties, you miss the beauty all around you. It’s pretty hard to receive your blessings if you can’t… Continue Reading →

What happens when your home doesn’t feel like home? Maybe it feels empty, or maybe you live with others that disturb your well-being, powering through until you can regain your footing. Whatever the case, the place you lay your head… Continue Reading →

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