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A Message from the Universe ~ Death and Rebirth

Today’s Message from the Universe may seem a little dark at first sight, don’t let that scare you away from today’s words. “You would know…Today’s Crystals…

A Message from the Universe ~ Feeling a Little Down?

Most of my decks are packed and waiting to be shipped because I’m relocating so I’m not posting as often as I was. I wasn’t going to post today but I feel like someone really needs it. This time of… Continue Reading →

“Poets were trained in cells without windows.” It sounds pretty ominous right? I love it though because it highlights the conditions in which our inspiration thrives. It is our time in the darkness that gives us the opportunity to experiment… Continue Reading →

Life is a mixed bag of highs and lows with a lot of filler inbetween. There is no “one day” that comes for anyone where things like pain and sadness become a thing of the past but how you move… Continue Reading →

There’s a time (often a few) in your life where the world as you know it crumbles around your head. This is your tower moment. It could be a devastating loss but sometimes it’s just a realization that changes how… Continue Reading →

You’ve been carrying a lot of weight for a long time and you may be starting to feel a little lighter. If so, it’s because you’ve been doing the work. Your burdens may even be the same but you’ve begun… Continue Reading →

Life is full of loss. People we love, our health, jobs we thought would keep us stable, and sometimes even the smallest of details can snowball into a series of events that places us on a different path. We do… Continue Reading →

We’ve been talking a lot about grief lately but today’s card is for those of you who are avoiding it. You might be pretending everything is fine or even avoiding disconnecting with someone because you know it will be painful… Continue Reading →

Whatever storm you are weathering right now, there are breaks in the clouds where the sun shines through and moments of stillness between windy gusts. Today’s message is one of hope. It might be a while yet before the storm… Continue Reading →

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