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A Message from the Universe ~ Divine Timing, Gilded Reverie Lenormand Cards

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Lys of the Shadows, Faeries Oracle Card

From Hopeless to Empowered - A Message for the Collective, Elemental Oracle

The Star represents healing, hope, inspiration and flowing creativity. I feel that there is finally some forward movement on the horizon after a long period of stagnation, pessimism and doubt. Things are ever changing and our difficulties are subject to… Continue Reading →

Life is a mixed bag of highs and lows with a lot of filler inbetween. There is no “one day” that comes for anyone where things like pain and sadness become a thing of the past but how you move… Continue Reading →

In a world where you need money for even the most basic of human necessities, the fear of not having enough is very real. You might fear losing the roof over your head or having to worry about where your… Continue Reading →

“I expect miracles” I know a lot of us are feeling a bit stuck and are likely dealing with issues thought to be left in the past long ago. Today’s card is acknowledgment that you are on the right path!… Continue Reading →

Change can be a pretty scary thing for most of us. We may embrace the good we know is coming can be downright terrified of the unknown that comes with it. We fear the risk of failure or all the… Continue Reading →

Life is full of loss. People we love, our health, jobs we thought would keep us stable, and sometimes even the smallest of details can snowball into a series of events that places us on a different path. We do… Continue Reading →

No matter what you say or do, things will act according to their nature. This can be quite disheartening for those of us who want to make the world a better place and often devastating just trying to make our… Continue Reading →

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