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When someone compliments you or your work, do you feel like you are unworthy of their praise? Maybe you are so proud that you refuse to allow that there might be room for improvement or a need for help. Today… Continue Reading →

Cages come in many shapes and sizes. They might come in the form of a controlling relationship or a job where you are mistreated. They look like people and circumstances outside of us but they are most often built within… Continue Reading →

In a world where you need money for even the most basic of human necessities, the fear of not having enough is very real. You might fear losing the roof over your head or having to worry about where your… Continue Reading →

We have a habit, especially in our younger years, of holding our romantic love so high in our hearts that we tend to exclude other people and our own individual experience altogether. It’s somewhat of a natural thing in the… Continue Reading →

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