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A Message from the Universe ~ Open Opportunities

Today’s Message from the Universe confirms the awesomeness of a recent decision. That decision you made to do the scary thing? That’s gonna…Today’s Crystals

A Message from the Universe ~ Leap Before You Look

Today’s Message from the Universe advises you to take that leap into the unknown. If you’ve been wanting to do something a little crazy…Today’s Crystals…

A Message from the Universe ~ One, Two, Three, Jump!

Today’s Message from the Universe encourages you to take that next best step. You might not even think it’s the next _best_ step because…Today’s Crystals…

It’s perfectly natural to be afraid of change. After all, you don’t know how it’s going to turn out and I’m sure your brain is telling you about all the awful things that can happen if you jump while being… Continue Reading →

Sometimes you know you must walk a path that may seem foolish to those who prefer to remain on roads that are paved. Even if your separation is temporary, you might feel guilt or sadness for having to leave or… Continue Reading →

The Journeyman showed up in reverse for today’s message. This indicates that a journey you are considering is either inappropriate for you at this time or you are allowing your own doubts and fears to keep you from taking that… Continue Reading →

A Message from the Universe ~ O! That Gnome!

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