Tag let go of what you think you know

I don’t care who you are, we all come up in this world with expectations of who we should be and how we should behave. We torture ourselves trying to fix the things that don’t fit these impossible standards, but… Continue Reading →

Blackbird – Daily Card for 7/8/20

The blackbird reminds us that we are not just physical beings. We spend so much time trying to keep up with our physical responsibilities that we can easily neglect the inner work that needs doing. However, doing that inner work… Continue Reading →

Life is full of loss. People we love, our health, jobs we thought would keep us stable, and sometimes even the smallest of details can snowball into a series of events that places us on a different path. We do… Continue Reading →

Not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling with how best to approach the subject of death for some time now. When Cerridwen popped out I needed to draw another card to help me narrow down my focus on the matter, quiet… Continue Reading →

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