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The Wheel reminds us that many of the highs and lows of life are beyond our control. As we approach a new year we tend to reflect on the previous year and make well intentioned resolutions we are almost sure… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 1/25/20 – 7 of Pentacles

Today is a day for assessment and pride in a job well done. Look at what you’ve created and give yourself a little credit! Your brain needs you to celebrate even the smallest of victories in order to keep doing… Continue Reading →

New Year, Same Ever Changing me ?

I feel like everybody gets the whole “New Year” thing wrong. Of course our lives are not tied to a number on a calendar or our planet’s position relative to our star, but the former is a good reminder and… Continue Reading →

6 Ways to Breathe New Life into the Holidays

You don’t have to be spiritual to fully appreciate and celebrate the meaning of Solstice but it is found across the board in just about every major religious teaching. Tonight is Winter Solstice, which marks the longest night of the… Continue Reading →

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