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A Message from the Universe ~ Open Opportunities

Today’s Message from the Universe confirms the awesomeness of a recent decision. That decision you made to do the scary thing? That’s gonna…Today’s Crystals

There is a new financial opportunity available to you at this time and it hinges on your ability to communicate. You might be toying with the idea of writing for money or you may need to use your best communication… Continue Reading →

When you’ve spent a lifetime or even a short time lacking basic material and emotional resources it creates a “lack” state of mind that can be difficult to overcome. You might reject help from others because others have always let… Continue Reading →

The Journeyman showed up in reverse for today’s message. This indicates that a journey you are considering is either inappropriate for you at this time or you are allowing your own doubts and fears to keep you from taking that… Continue Reading →

The ability to be flexible is the ultimate tool to aid you through just about anything. It’s especially helpful when trying to let go of the things you cannot control but it really just makes everything in life a little… Continue Reading →

Pick your chin up, square your shoulders, and be ready for blessings! If you walk with your head down, focused on your difficulties, you miss the beauty all around you. It’s pretty hard to receive your blessings if you can’t… Continue Reading →

Some of you may me contemplating a new career path or are under consideration for promotion, this is your YES! You are on a great path! For the rest of you, there is an opportunity being presented to you that… Continue Reading →

Step forward onto the path that is unfolding before you. You may not know where that path ends up but it is likely that your dreams or intuition tell you this is the right direction. Use your practical mind to… Continue Reading →

A Message from the Universe ~ O! That Gnome!

Not everything is as it seems. Do not be so quick to reject someone or something based on its initial appearance as it might be exactly what you needed. One of this card’s keywords is “beauty” and while some of… Continue Reading →

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