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If you’ve had a question concerning love, the answer is yes! In all the years I’ve had this deck, this particular faery has been quite elusive until recently. This card represents love in its purest form, unconditional and bigger than… Continue Reading →

We have been in the midst of an enormous global shift for some time now. While our institutions have fought tooth and nail to maintain their ever increasing bottom line, we have also fought relentlessly. First to attempt to prosper… Continue Reading →

You are more than someone’s parent, someone’s child, someone’s spouse or employee. We get so wrapped up in the roles we play in the lives of others that we easily forget there’s and actual “me” somewhere in there. Then for… Continue Reading →

Imagination and visualization are a vital part of setting goals and making them a reality. The reversal of this card indicates you are imagining the wrong things. If you allow your fear to create stories about what could go wrong,… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 3/8/20 – Maeve

We have a tendency to allow our circumstances to dictate the direction of our lives. We might move through our days lamenting the unfairness of life and wishing we had better luck. We might even have a positive outlook but… Continue Reading →

Don’t believe in magic? Allow me to shift your perspective!

Magical people and mythical creatures have been the subject of all the interesting parts of our history since before the written word. Histories were passed down from generation to generation through spoken stories, singing, dancing and pictures painted onto stone…. Continue Reading →

Daily Card & Bonus for 2/26/20 – Breaking Barriers & Flying Free

Sometimes what we percieve as a limitation is really just something that requires us to use our creativity to obtain a solution. Sometimes our limitations are straight bullshit imposed on us by others or our own insecurities. These “limitations” are… Continue Reading →

Unexpected Draw – Wave of Power – What is, will not always be.

When I was 16, my father died from a knife that pierced his heart. I really did not want to share something so personal but here it is anyway… It was officially ruled a suicide and the person with him… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/14/20 – Himself (reversed)

We all have masculine and feminine within us. The manliest of men have the most gentle souls and the even the most demure of women are warriors at heart. To suppress those parts of yourself is to betray the very… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/13/20 – Time and Tide (reversed)

You do not have to believe in a divine entity in order to understand that everything we are, do, give, and take is an exchange of energy. We have a tendency to just do what we feel needs (or wants)… Continue Reading →

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