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A Message from the Universe ~ Do you Believe in Magic?

A Message from the Universe ~ Vibe Higher than Them

Multiple Queen of the Moon Oracle Cards

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Cards ~ Authenticity and Compassion for Self, The Prophet Oracle

The Mirror – A Message for Collective, Oracal of the Mermaids Card

We have such a strange relationship with ourselves. We give and give to everybody else but somehow deem ourselves unworthy of the same. We feel selfish when we consider drawing boundaries and we hinge our identity on the people we… Continue Reading →

You may be feeling like you’ve been here before, like you’re repeating a pattern or habit you could have sworn you had broken. Don’t worry, you’re not regressing, all the hard work you’ve done to break this pattern has not… Continue Reading →

There may be petty conflicts in the work or home front today. Do what you can to stay above the drama and not let it determine the mood of your entire day. In addition to the traditional meanings of this… Continue Reading →

The reversed appearance of these cards tells me that you’re in a place in your heart where you might not even know what to pray or wish for. You may not know how to see better for yourself and base… Continue Reading →

It is time to tell the truth to someone you trust. There was a time you needed to be something you were not, maybe to protect yourself from the harsh judgement of others, maybe because you thought that’s who you… Continue Reading →

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