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Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Heart vs Head, Kahlil Gibran's "The Prophet" Oracle Card

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Cards ~ Remember Who the F*** You Are!, Oracle of the Mermaids

We are taught to fear the darkness. Things go bump in the night, monsters reside in the dark, and bad guys wear black. The Christian devil is…Today’s Crystals…

You may be feeling like you’ve been here before, like you’re repeating a pattern or habit you could have sworn you had broken. Don’t worry, you’re not regressing, all the hard work you’ve done to break this pattern has not… Continue Reading →

How can you love another of you do not first love yourself? This may make you feel some kind of way because of course we’re capable of feeling that love for another either way but when we don’t love ourselves… Continue Reading →

Someone is meddling in your affairs under the assumption (or pretense) that they’re being helpful. This could even be you, stirring the pot in someone else’s kitchen or dancing with self- sabotage. Whatever the case, it needs to be addressed…. Continue Reading →

Today’s card indicates that you may be frustrated by waiting for something that seems to be taking forever. You know it’s coming but you feel like you’re in a bit of a limbo until it does arrive. Make sure you… Continue Reading →

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