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Daily Card for 3/1/20 – Cat (reversed)

The reversed cat warns us that we may be spending a little too much time in our heads and not paying enough attention to the tangible world around us. While we should always try to observe before we act we… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/15/20 – 5 of Cups

You may be sad or grieving today and for good reason. You may feel weak or overdramatic, you may even fear that once you go in you may never come back. Well, you’re not weak and even if you have… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 2/10/20 – Dreams

Dreams are our brain’s way of processing everything we think, feel, and experience throughout the day. This is why they are a key symptom of PTSD. You may over think and over analyze to your heart’s (dis)content but you will… Continue Reading →

What is going on? Oh yeah, another full moon, take advantage of its energy!

Well no wonder we’ve had a collective case of chaotic brain! This weekend the Snow Moon is showering us with all sorts of energy, so make sure you try to harness it instead of letting it spank you! The full… Continue Reading →

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