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Change can be a pretty scary thing for most of us. We may embrace the good we know is coming can be downright terrified of the unknown that comes with it. We fear the risk of failure or all the… Continue Reading →

What you believe to be the truth is in need of question. This is less about being lied to than it is about misleading yourself. There is no one truth. Believing that there is one truth shuts out important information… Continue Reading →

Your voice is your power. While you try so hard to keep your words from spilling out, they are festering inside of you. Of course we want to choose carefully how we express ourselves but we still need to communicate… Continue Reading →

Do you feel as if you are a magnet for those who would betray you? Maybe you feel as if you cannot place your trust in anybody because you’re certain they will hurt you with it. You might be obsessing… Continue Reading →

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