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Message from the Universe ~ Creativity and Beginner’s Brain

Today’s Message from the Universe heralds a period of creativity and manifestation. There’s more than a good chance that. your mind is..Today’s Crystals…

Quick Draw Daily Oracle Card ~ Expansion, Elemental Oracle Card

Your willingness to allow yourself to be vulnerable is directly related to your ability to manifest what you want in this life. We build walls to avoid pain, we avoid doing that new thing because we somehow think we should… Continue Reading →

Nobody likes being vulnerable. We see it as a weakness and a way to invite pain, but it is our willingness to expose ourselves that allows us to heal and persue our goals. It takes courage to be vulnerable and… Continue Reading →

The seal represents love, longing, and loneliness. She warns us against trying to capture what we long for instead of allowing it to come to us in it’s own time. She also reminds us that self-love is the cornerstone of… Continue Reading →

It is time to tell the truth to someone you trust. There was a time you needed to be something you were not, maybe to protect yourself from the harsh judgement of others, maybe because you thought that’s who you… Continue Reading →

Your voice is your power. While you try so hard to keep your words from spilling out, they are festering inside of you. Of course we want to choose carefully how we express ourselves but we still need to communicate… Continue Reading →

Today is a great day to take a look at how your pride is hindering you. Having pride in a job well done or being proud of yourself or someone else is a wonderful and satisfying feeling. However, the kind… Continue Reading →

You are holding back your song, your words, your very essence. Where once you may have learned to make yourself small to protect yourself, it now seems that you have adopted it as a part of who you are rather… Continue Reading →

Daily Card for 3/6/20 – Transparency

There are things you hide from others and you have every right to keep them to yourself. However, consider what it is and who you’re hiding it from. You undoubtedly have very good reasons for keeping that part of you… Continue Reading →

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