Taitin the Sylph (reversed) – Daily Card for 8/14/20

Published by Trish Nonya on

Be careful as today’s energies are high but quite scattered. You might have problems focusing or you may find yourself becoming a part of or even instigating petty arguments. Try to take your time when working on projects or driving as it will be easy to miss important details.

We want those high energies but they’re not doing us any good if we’re unable to focus them so take some time today to ground yourself. Ideally I would like you to place your bare feet on the earth but the exercise I’m about to share can be done in any situation or position. Please also search chakra meditations on YouTube if you are able, that will help even more.

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Listen to them, feel them fill your lungs and expand your belly. Now visualize your feet growing roots. Keep growing through soil and rocks until you hit the very core. Now let the core energy of our mother earth flow up through your roots, throughout your body, and out the top of your head. This is a continuous flow so feel it swirl around inside you through all your nooks and crannies. When you’re ready, you can pull your roots back in and thank the earth for her blessings. Now you can you about your day with a more focused energy.


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