Take Some Time for Yourself but Don’t Give Up!

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Everything that is good takes time to develop. If you’ve been putting all your time and effort into something, chances are you’ve done the math and determined early on that you could make this happen. It’s inevitable that you will go through moments of self doubt and questioning the legitimacy of what you’re striving for so don’t give up!

This message can cover may areas of your life that require endurance but I’m getting a strong career or life path vibe. If you’re trying to establish your own business it might help to remember that the average new business will not turn a profit for a good two to three years. While there will always be things to change and tweak, this card impresses on me that you’ve got the basics right and just need to keep going.

If you’re doubting whether or not you can see this through then I urge you to review your reasons for treading this path and remind yourself that this is just a slump. Stay consistent but make sure that you also allow yourself to take real breaks and take them often. A long distance runner knows to pace herself so she doesn’t burn out early in the race, it is the same thing in life. If you’re going to be at it for awhile you want to try to establish a pace that you can maintain.

Of course this is even more difficult when you factor in other areas of your life that need your time and effort as well. Yes it can be grueling and demand effort that may not be as sustainable but you’re doing this so some of that other stuff can fall away as this part of your life gains traction.

In these cases, remind yourself of the goal and remember that there is actually a point where you won’t have to fight so hard. Make an effort to really see the progress you’ve made, no matter how small and use that to help fuel your momentum. Again, giving you’re mind and body regular breaks is still necessary here. The better you feel, the more quality and heart goes into what you create and how you interact with others.

You got this!


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