Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Transparency

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It is time to tell the truth to someone you trust. There was a time you needed to be something you were not, maybe to protect yourself from the harsh judgement of others, maybe because you thought that’s who you were supposed to be. It becomes a weight around your neck though and keeps you from your peace.

Of course before you share your truth with someone else, you first need to sit in silence and be truthful with yourself. Examine the reason for your shame. Does that shame really belong to you? If it was caused by your own actions, should it still belong to you now? There comes a point when that shame is open to be transformed into a healthy pride; the pride of making it through, the pride of standing firm in who you really are, the utter freedom of dwelling in that dark place no longer.

When you stand in your truth you invite peace within and without. The relationships you create when you hold back such important parts of yourself are far flimsier than those created from your truth and certain to only create more turmoil in your heart.

You don’t have to scream your truth to the whole world but your happiness depends on being truthful with yourself and having someone with whom to share your darker side. You are not alone in the things that have caused you to censor yourself and it’s important for you to understand that. Everybody has things they’ve keep from the light, even that person you think is the perfect example of what you should be.


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