Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day ⭐Double Draw⭐ Cerridwen & Breaking Barriers

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Not gonna lie, I’ve been struggling with how best to approach the subject of death for some time now. When Cerridwen popped out I needed to draw another card to help me narrow down my focus on the matter, quiet that monkey mind a bit. How fitting the focus should be on breaking free of our barriers.

Any way you look at it there’s really only two possibilities regarding what happens when we die.

1. We cease to exist the moment our physical form dies, in which case we will have no sensation that we are lacking a body or anything else. For a person to see it this way I imagine they must think the body’s energy is dispersed back into the air around us or finds its way to the ground, either way the energy is able to feed the world around us. They might not think about it at all but it is known that energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be transformed which leads me to our second possibility.

2. Our energy is deemed by many (most?) as our consciousness, the very essence of who we are which is not bound by our physical laws. There are so many different beliefs surrounding the afterlife and there is so much more commonality to all these structured and non-structured belief systems than you think. I don’t claim to know what really happens to us after we die and you should be wary of anyone who does.

I don’t feel like there is one truth. I feel like our non-physical journeys are as vast and variable as our beliefs. Some hang around their earthly families, some go to a heaven of their imagining, some make their way back to the collective, and some into a new earthly body.

My own experiences with those on the other side are few but they solidified my belief in the existence of life after death and reminded me not to try to explain that which I cannot understand. What I do know is that when my earthly body releases its final breath, I will no longer be confined by my physical boundaries and earthly perceptions.


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