Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Air

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Close your eyes and just breathe. Feel the air expand your lungs and let it go nice and easy. Relax your shoulders and pull your tongue away from the roof of your mouth. Now take another breath, a big one, and let this one expand your belly. Keep breathing slowly and deeply into your belly, visualize your inhale pulling in the oxygen needed to sustain you and bring a healing light with it. Feel the air and the light go all through you and, on the exhale, visualize the tension and anxiety being pulled from your body and released into the cosmos.

If you stop and pay attention to how you normally breathe when going about your day, chances are it’s rather shallow. When you’re anxious or upset you probably find yourself holding your breath as if it may help you to contain all the emotion waiting to spill out. From personal experience, it does seem to hold things back a bit but we all know it’s better to vent even though it doesn’t always feel that way while you’re venting.

Today’s message above all is to make you stop and take some much needed breaths, but I also want you to continue to pay attention to how you breathe as much as possible and make time at least once a day to really focus on it. Our bodies may control this function but it is up to us to exercise it and learn how helpful it can be in bringing a little peace to a chaotic mind.


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