Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Exalt Your Reason to the Height of Passion

Published by Trish Nonya on

Sometimes when we try to take a reasonable approach to a passionate or emotional circumstance, we are not acting out of reason at all, we are acting out of fear. We withhold ourselves from our passions instead of pursuing them with healthy boundaries.

I think this is most commonly displayed when we avoid love and connection because we’re afraid to be hurt. You might avoid that particular pain but you are also avoiding the very thing that every human needs whether they admit it or not. Our mental and physical well-being are tied tightly to the nourishment we give to and receive from others.

This fear and doubt that disguises itself as reason also shows up when we persue a new career or life-path and it is our number one enemy when seeking self and spirit. It is quite reasonable to understand there may be risks or limitations but you cannot call it reason if you do not give the same consideration to what can go right.

To be reasonable, one must consider all options and outcomes without allowing our ego to muddy the view. To “exalt” that reason is to allow the positive findings of this assessment to drive and motivate you to take the chances available to you in order to move towards your growth and fulfillment. Of course, nothing is certain except the fact that if you do not go for it, you will not get it.


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