Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Frog

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Not everything is as it seems. Do not be so quick to reject someone or something based on its initial appearance as it might be exactly what you needed.

One of this card’s keywords is “beauty” and while some of us have a great love for our amphibious friends, we’re unlikely to associate them with that particular word. But it’s a perfect fit, especially when considering the story of the frog prince.

Here’s your typical fairytale prince, beautiful, loving, and fair but all anyone sees is a frog until the princess decides to hear him out. It’s a classic tale of not judging a book by its cover.

This is less about inner beauty than revealed beauty. The kind that beams from your smile and reaches your eyes. This is the beauty of awakening to love and passion after being closed off for so long.

The frog in your life could be a person or career path, and it’s entirely possible that you are the frog. Do not be so quick to reject someone or something because it did not come in the form you expected or wanted. Do not look at your less-than-inspired self in the mirror and think that you are no longer able to shine.

There is beauty, medicine, and power that lies just beneath the surface. It’s time to remove the veil and let it shine!


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