Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Gyhldeptis

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The appearance of Gyhldeptis tells me you’re at war with yourself or spreading yourself too thin. You scatter your energy in so many different directions that everything gets the bare minimum of what it needs because you only have so much energy at you’re disposal. It’s time to examine, prioritize, and streamline your thoughts, beliefs, responsibilities, and actions.

What thoughts and beliefs do you have about yourself that are, in reality, other people’s opinions? What parts of you are not being healed and nurtured because you don’t like them so you avoid them? They’re not going away so you might as well accept them for what they are and learn how best to live with them.

Cut away all those thoughts, beliefs, and responsibilities that do not belong to you so you can integrate the rest in a way that flows and aligns with who you are.

As always, I highly recommend putting all this on paper to help your brain see things from a different perspective. What needs to go? What needs your immediate attention? What are the little things that can be quickly taken care of to remove them from your plate? What are the things that you have no control over or are long processes that require patience and steady attention?

Now, take some time to pull all your energy inwards for a bit. Imagine your feet as roots traveling deep into the earth and pulling energy from her core. Let that energy flow through you and back out into the universe, releasing all that does not belong to you. Then imagine pulling all the scattered pieces of yourself inward, melding into a whole self.


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