Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Honor the Masculine

Published by Trish Nonya on

Some of us learn about the darker side of masculinity relatively early in our years and, too often, we see it repeat throughout our lives. We might later experience examples of healthy masculinity and expect that it will become toxic, because we have learned that all types of violence hide behind soothing words and kind gestures.

Today is a good day to examine how you feel about men and your own masculinity within. We are all comprised of both masculine and feminine traits and we tend to try to bury the traits and energies that don’t seem to fit with common gender roles.

Anger is a common energy that we relate to toxic masculinity. Some of us try to bury it but anger serves it’s purpose like everything else. When we don’t acknowledge the things that make us angry, we become someone who is easily taken advantage of. Everybody gets angry but not everybody is violent. As with all things, balance between contemplation (feminine) and action (masculine) is key.

If you are fearful or distrustful of men in general, I invite you to remove your focus from those that reinforce your fear and see that the world is full of both terrible and beautiful people of all types. Sometimes the shock and horror of the things we see completely overshadows the light and love that is all around us but quiet.


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