Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – King of Cups (reversed)

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This reversed king indicates that you may either be blocking your emotions or letting them have a little too much control, you may even swing back and forth between the two. Though you are ultimately a loving a generous person you try to shield yourself from pain or lose yourself entirely in your relationships to try to be what you think they want.

You probably already know that blocking your emotions only leads them to boil over, creating a bigger mess, and molding yourself into what you think someone else wants leaves vital parts of you hidden and unavailable to the love and healing they need.

You may be jealous or possessive, scared to lose someone dear to you or you may seek out people who aren’t truly available so you don’t get attached. You may want someone to love you so bad that you will accept their crumbs.

This does not make you less than. It makes you just like the rest of us. The need to love and be loved is fundamental to us as humans, there is nothing else that has so much power to build us up or crush us to dust.

You’re probably sick of hearing people say you need to love yourself but -stay with me here-it is the ultimate cure for everything in your life. Self-love does not mean you think you’re flawless. Self-love is recognizing that you deserve a respect and standard of care that feeds your heart instead of crushing it.

Self-love is drawing boundaries for how people are allowed to treat you and removing those from your life who don’t respect them. It is treating yourself when you are down and celebrating even the smallest of your victories. Self-love is seeking help when you need it and working through your problems rather than burying them under substances and distractions.

The more you do these things for yourself you will notice the quality of all your relationships and decisions increase. You are whole as you are, anybody who comes in to your life is a lovely bonus ?

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