Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Pele

Published by Trish Nonya on

There is an insane amount of people awakening worldwide right now and it’s not a coincidence. Challenging situations are known to cause us to question our beliefs as well as our place in society, and our current challenges are unprecedented due to how we interact with others all over the globe.

For some, this can be a somewhat smooth process while others may feel as if they’re losing their mind entirely. There are a lot of factors that go into this but the most important is how resistant you are to being challenged concerning your beliefs about yourself, your world, and worlds beyond.

Most of us have built our entire lives around traditional ideas of family, career and religion. When one small part is removed, the foundation becomes compromised and the whole thing collapses. We are forced to build something new in the ruins of everything we fought for.

You have no choice so you might as well go with it, right? Do not mourn the passing of illusion, look forward with hope and happiness to what will truly fulfill you.


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