Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Sisterhood (reversed)

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You may have begun strengthening the bond of a new friendship in your life or have come to a realization that a particular friend or group of friends aren’t necessarily good for you to be spending so much time with. Your loyal heart may be filled with guilt about the whole thing and you can almost guarantee your old friend will feel slighted, even and especially if they weren’t a very good friend to begin with.

Our friends are important for innumerable reasons so we’ve got to surround ourselves with friends who lift us up and support our growth. We can’t keep people who take so much more than they give or leave us feeling shitty after most encounters, it’s just not healthy. Sometimes they might even be truly wonderful people but being around them feeds the worst parts of us.

It’s more than ok to distance yourself from some and cut others off completely. In fact, it’s an unavoidable task needed to create your best life. They will guilt-trip and gossip, they may even try to sabotage your happiness so remain true to yourself throughout this process, do not allow them to pull you down.

No matter how they react or how awful they were, this is a loss like any other so you will likely grieve the loss and/or grieve for them. Do not allow that to confuse you and forget why you are severing this bond as this feeling will not be long-lived.

You have been working hard to do better and be better so keep your eye on the prize. Nourish the friendships that nourish you and let the rest go with love in your heart, this may be just what they needed as well.


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