Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day: Standing Firm

Published by Trish Nonya on

You know what needs to be done and you are being urged to stand up for yourself or others. Of course it will not be easy. You may be afraid of how others will see you, or that you might stand alone. You may fear consequences of some sort but you also know that those consequences are better than what will happen if you turn a blind eye.

It is wise to understand that standing up for yourself not only improves your circumstances but inspires others to do the same. Of course it’s usually pretty uncomfortable while you’re standing but nothing good ever comes from your comfort zone.

If you have improved your circumstances by standing up for yourself, or maybe someone stood for you, then your healing will come in the form of helping others to reclaim their power from similar difficulties.

How many times did you wish for help but didn’t know where to find it. Maybe you even knew how to get help but pride or fear kept you from accepting it. Be that light in someone else’s heart and watch the ripple effect in their lives as well as your own.


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