Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – Starting Fresh

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Life is full of loss. People we love, our health, jobs we thought would keep us stable, and sometimes even the smallest of details can snowball into a series of events that places us on a different path. We do not only grieve for our loses, we grieve for the way of life as we knew it.

Today I want you to find hope for the new life that lies ahead of you. I do not believe everything happens for a reason but I do believe that whatever happens may give us reason. When you are standing on the precipice of your old life looking with fear and uncertainty towards what lies ahead, I want you try to see the new opportunities as well. You now have a clean slate and you can shape your new path any way that you want.

Again… you can shape your new life any way that you want, so do not seek to put the pieces of your old life back together as they are no longer available to you. Doing so will only delay and complicate the inevitable.

In our younger years we tend to allow our circumstances guide us and we don’t have the experience to really assess our strengths and weaknesses in a way that allows us to carve out a path of our own making. You are not that person anymore. You have experienced many things that show you what works for you and what doesn’t.

You might need to understand now that all the rules and guidelines society and family have imposed on us are mostly bullshit. Your new path will challenge these ideas and beliefs so do not discount any new ideas simply because they don’t fit that particular narrative. We are conditioned to live in a manner that, more often than not, goes against our nature as humans and individuals. You will have to un-learn many things.

Do not fear what lies ahead for you for you are now forging a path that aligns with who you are and what you want to do. Welcome to your new life!


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