Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – The Crane Bag

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Today we’re going to talk about stuff and things. All the material things we bury ourselves in and how it all affects us to our very core. We are a society that craves more and more, burying that which nourishes us beneath that which gives us a temporary thrill.

We know that physical clutter creates mental clutter and vice versa. We know we self medicate by acquiring useless objects, and we know just how fleeting and destructive that “medicine” is. Of course, the longer we wait to address these issues, the harder it is to work through them.

I invite you to declutter and simplify your living space. Marie Kondo has the right idea with asking if something sparks joy when considering if you should keep or discard your items. I bring this up because I want you to cultivate your living space, your head space, and your life with that which nourishes you. You can only do this if you release that which does not.

You know that old chair in the basement that hasn’t seen an ass in years? While you hang onto it because you paid for it or it belonged to someone you love who passed, there is someone in your town who would give it life again because they are starting over and sitting on the floor.

All those clothes you no longer wear, all those items you hang onto because you might have use for them someday, the things you have in excess that only create more work or take up more space when a single set would do just fine. Get rid of it and don’t just throw it away if it might help someone else.

Similarly, you might be hanging onto something that reminds you of a difficult time in your life. You may hold it to remind you not to go back, or maybe it reminds you of the strength you sometimes forget you possess. When we hold these things, we may think they serve us but they’re really holding us in the very state of mind we’re trying to get away from. Try instead to discard these things in a way that symbolizes or ritualizes the healing aspect of letting go and replace them with something that symbolizes what you are looking forward to.

I’m reminded of a homeless woman who bought a pair of expensive candles to help her keep her focus on her goal. She would not light them until she found her new home. What a feeling that must have been to finally light those candles!

So yes, get rid of some stuff and make it a habit to do this on a regular basis but don’t forget to be mindful of that which you acquire going forward. Ask yourself if you need it and if you don’t actually need it, will it be something that nourishes you or will it be another thing that sparks nothing once the initial high has faded?


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