Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – The Healer (reversed)

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The healer appears reversed when we are blocking our own healing. Maybe you don’t want to let go of the pain or maybe you try to avoid feeling it altogether. While I speak largely of emotional pain, I’m also getting the message that some of you are ignoring your physical body’s need for recuperation or a lighter load.

For some, our wounds become intertwined with our very identity. It becomes a badge of strength or an excuse to avoid doing what needs to be done, but you are more than your pain. You have other strengths that need to shine and weaknesses to be accepted so you can learn how best to work with them.

I’m not sure I know of anything more difficult than allowing yourself to sit in stillness to access your traumas. It can feel like if you go down that rabbit hole you may never come back, but once you face it you’ll realize how much lighter it feels to release it. You may also realize that a lot of your physical pain may have been your body’s reaction to unaddressed emotional trauma.

Healing these gaping wounds is a lengthy process that may hit you periodically even after you thought you’d dealt with it. This is quite natural because as we learn and grow, we are able to see it from different perspectives.

There are times when solitude is needed but most of the time it’s important to involve a friend or a professional. Please do not buy into the stigma that professionals are for crazy people. We all have our moments of crazy and they have a wealth of experience and tools to share. I’ve seen a professional periodically when things are going good just to have an unbiased party to brainstorm a path for new goals.

Another way to heal your traumas is to help others through what you’ve been through. You still need to do the inner work but serving others brings an incredible peace to your experience with a healthy dose of purpose. It’s time to sweep out your dark corners and let the light enter.


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