Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – The Land and the Sea Shall be Bountiful

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Nobody can blame you for stressing over your financial circumstances. We don’t have much of a choice but to live by the economic rules set before us and if you haven’t been able to build up a pretty bank account then even the slightest setbacks are life altering for you. It’s pretty hard under such circumstances to have an abundant frame of mind, but that is exactly what is needed here.

Strip away man’s law and you see that our Mother Earth provides everything we need to live a life of abundance. Unfortunately, man’s law works by taking control of these resources so they come at a price we are too often unable to meet. It’s time to get creative so you can work around man’s law and carve out a path to living a life where you are not giving away all your spoons by just trying to keep your head above water.

My friends might be sick of hearing me tell them to work on learning and practicing a side-hustle but it is needed now more than ever and will be needed even more as things start to go back to “normal”. We are only experiencing a taste of the economic difficulties being brought about by current events and even if I’m wrong about that, having a side hustle allows you more freedom to draw much needed boundaries around how much of your life you give to your employer, and it just might free you from them altogether.

So how do you get a side hustle? Make time every day for the process and do not allow yourself to give that time to anything else or make excuses to put it off. Start by imagining what you would do if you had no limits then write down all the things you’re good at and all the things you find interesting. Think of ways you might use these ideas to help or inspire others, then experiment, read articles and watch videos to learn more about it and what others are doing with it.

Do not expect to come flying out of the gate right away, you are just beginning and it takes time even if you already know what you’re doing. Regularly assess what you’re doing to see what works and what doesn’t then keep track of your progress so you can really see it. Celebrate even the small victories to make sure you don’t get bogged down by the length of the process.

Beyond the side-hustle, do not be afraid to ask for help from friends, family and community. This is the very essence of the abundance available to us as we are here to help, lift, guide, and support each other. Pool your resources with trusted others who have similar goals, and do not allow yourself to fall prey to society’s insistence that you are only worth something if you have obtained a 30 year mortgage, sports car, and a closet full of designer apparel all by yourself. This is not a realistic idea when most of the world needs multiple sources of income just to get the basics to support their family.

Simplify your life and revise your goals to persue that which will allow you to live comfortably and sustainably without giving all your spoons away. Rethink what comfort and success means to you and talk yourself out of that mindset that says you will never have or be enough. You are more than enough and you should start telling yourself every day that you are abundant and surrounded by abundance. Be creative and diligent in your persuit of a better self and a better life. You got this ?


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