Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day – The Shepherdess (reversed)

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Someone or some thing has you on the defensive and it is advisable to assess the the situation and your response.

If this is a real threat, what are your options? Talking to another may help you to find the resources available to you.

If you are unsure of whether this is a current threat or old wounds that distort your perception, speaking to another may help you to get a clearer picture of who or what is in question.

Some past experiences can make us super sensitive, covering even the good stuff with layers of suspicion and causing us to question our intuition. If this is the case with you, the perspective of another will be beyond helpful.

Song of the Day may be offensive to some, so listen with discretion.

I am not a doctor. Advice from the “Message from the Universe” and other posts is meant to help with spiritual and self-development in conjunction with medical treatment, not to replace it. If you are depressed or in a bad situation, please seek help from the medical and/or charitable places that are local to you.

I am also not the artist or author who created the decks used for the “Message from the Universe” posts. However, the pictures of the cards, the interpretation, and written words in blog posts are created by me. You can find links to the decks by visiting my Resources page.


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