Tarot/Oracle Card of the Day- Time Out

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Go ahead and laugh. Everybody has either too much or too little time on their hands these days so if your initial thought is either that you’ve been in time out long enough or “I don’t get to have a time out”, you are precisely who this card is for.

To those of you who feel as if you’ve had too much time to yourself lately, I ask how have you been using your time? We all have places inside that need healing and we all have things we’ve yet to learn about ourselves. We do things to occupy our brains rather than allow ourselves to sit in silence because we’re adverse to boredom.

I’ll let you in on a little secret…boredom is the place where truly great things happen and allowing even your “negative” thoughts to enter this space gives them a chance to be examined rather than just reacting to them. This is your time to work on yourself and create. Schedule time each day to sit in silence with a pen and notebook. Write down the thoughts and feelings that come into your head, examine and challenge them. If you’re really up for a challenge, you can try the exercise suggested by the accompanying book to this deck and take a 24 hour vow of silence. No talking and no electronic distractions, just you, mother nature, and a notebook.

If you are an essential worker or you’re stuck at home in a chaotic household with rugrats who are also going stir crazy, I’m about to call you out. You are lying to yourself when you say you have no time. You are not a machine, you are a human who needs a real break and you must make the time if you wish to stay sane. I know you can do 5 minutes a day, exhausted as you are. 5 minutes really doesn’t seem like enough, I know, but carving out that small bit of time for yourself is a big step in the right direction. Use this time to meditate and you will be creating a habit that you can expand upon to use even in the most chaotic of moments.


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