Ten of Cups – Daily Card for 8/12/20

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Today is a good day my friends! Even if you don’t feel it started out that way, you have the opportunity to change it. Weigh out your responsibilities today to see if you might be able to free up a good chunk of time for the people and/or activities that make your heart full.

This is a card that represents a happy home and emotional fulfillment with those that you love. If you don’t feel like this is your current state then this is your confirmation that you are creating it. Chances are if you’re not feeling it, it’s because you’ve removed yourself from toxic people and situations so you might not have much of a tribe at the moment. This is a wonderful thing though! You have created space for those who will support and nourish you, so understand that the lack of a tribe is quite temporary. Make time today to persue creative activities and don’t worry about your tribe, they will trickle in as you work on building and creating your life the way you want it.

If you have a family, blood or not, you all might have been working each other’s nerves lately or maybe all just doing your own thing. Time for you all to laugh a little and interact in a fun way. Have a game night, throw a ball around, or work on a creative project together. Turn the music on, sing, dance, and be goofy. Let’s break up the tension and monotany!


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