The Bodacious Bodach – Daily Card for 7/9/20

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Someone is meddling in your affairs under the assumption (or pretense) that they’re being helpful. This could even be you, stirring the pot in someone else’s kitchen or dancing with self- sabotage. Whatever the case, it needs to be addressed.

If this is another person then it is necessary to set boundaries even if they really are just trying to be helpful. You also want to do what you can to not give them anything to work with. Keep your guard up around them and don’t allow yourself to sink to reactions and retaliations that are below you.

If you are trying to help someone else but just can’t seem to actually be helpful, you would do well to look at your motivation. Are you trying to make someone act, speak, or live the way you do? Maybe you’re trying to get a reaction because their anger or irritation is better than silence. Either way, it’s not helping either of you. They have their own path to tread and so do you. Your focus should be on your own journey.

Self-sabotagers! You know who you are and most likely know why you’re doing it again. Logically you know it’s ridiculous and harmful but you do it anyway, which of course is not logical at all. This is one of those behavior patterns that needs some inner work to be done and likely updated throughout your life. Recognizing this behavior in yourself is an enormous first step. When you see it in each individual situation, give yourself some rules or boundaries and refuse to let fear win. It’s kind of an uphill battle but, as with most things, practice makes it easier.

No matter where you fall in these scenarios, it all boils down to creating boundaries and rising above the low-vibing bullshit. Vibe high my friends!


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