The Druid – Daily Card for 7/30/20

Published by Trish Nonya on

You may be feeling as if you don’t fit. This could be a feeling that’s been with you since childhood or you may have recently gone through changes that make you feel no longer able to relate to those who have always been in your life, or anybody else for that matter.

The Druid is a bridge between worlds. People come to him when they need help but they are afraid of him, he is as much an outcast as he is a spiritual leader. He might be lonely at times but he is dedicated to his craft and he has deep connection with other Druids.

There are others out there, people just like you. They hold similar beliefs and seek the same as you. They are your soul tribe. You’ve got quite the advantage over our druid friend, though. The technology we have allows us to connect with others without having to leave the house.

It’s time to seek out your tribe. Whatever it is that makes you feel different and alone, seek out local and online communities that support it. No more hoping that random people accept you, find the people who will actually understand and grow with you.


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