The End of the World as we Know it? ~Message for the Collective

Published by Trish Nonya on

You might look at your life and feel as if you are at a standstill. You may look at the world around you and feel like chaos is king. You might even feel like it’s the end of the world, but I assure you it’s only the end of an age.

We, as a collective, are beginning to understand that the way things have always been done is unsustainable and destructive. Those who benefit from war and poverty will fight tooth and nail to maintain their position but there are so many more of us who are fed up with a system that is rigged to keep us in our place.

Now, the transition into a new age doesn’t happen overnight. It spans generations but I think we’re in the thick of it now. We find ourselves in somewhat of a limbo state as the chaos around us ensues. I mean, we only know how to function in the society that birthed us, so we’re unsure of what we will need to navigate the new norm or even what it will look like.

Accept and allow the limbo state. We have been preparing for this subconciously for some time now. Be open, be flexible and adaptable. Allow yourself the space to let your mind wander and pay attention to the seemingly random words or images that surface. Look forward with optimism, curiosity and a commitment to cultivating the light. The work we do here will lay the foundation for countless generations in to come, so build with a generous heart ❤


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