The Initiator – Daily Card for 7/11/20

Published by Trish Nonya on

Massive cycles and patterns are ending for the collective right now. Most of us are standing on the threshold of the door that is ushering in the new, possibly not feeling quite ready to step through just yet.

Some of us are still working on the endings, much of it behind the scenes, and it might feel as if you’re wandering aimlessly through your day, waiting for something you cannot define. Our energies are changing rapidly so you may be highly charged one day and a complete lump the next. Roll with it! When you’re energy is high, create habits you’d like to bring through the door with you and rest when your energy demands it.

Many of us have the ability to cross that threshold now but may be dealing with fear or an uncertainty on how to proceed. Go easy on yourself, the fear is natural and what you are building will take time. Some of you may need to just close your eyes and jump, for others, take the advice above and build your new habits little by little. This is not a race, it’s a foundation for the next chapter of your life so build strong.


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