The Soul Walks Upon All Paths – Daily Card for 8/11/20

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Your journey to healing and self-discovery will not be like anyone else’s. Sure, you may find some commonalities with the paths of others and you can learn a lot from them but ultimately the things you learn from all others are only a starting point. Their knowledge helps you to determine what works for you and what doesn’t. It gives you a guideline rather than an actual map.

I have a few clients who are going through an awakening of some sort. They want to know what to expect and when to expect it but it doesn’t work that way. Each of them has experienced life in their own way and has different things and levels of things to learn and unlearn.

The same goes for healing or learning how to cope with our difficulties. I can tell you that things like journaling have been pivotal in my healing throughout my life but that doesn’t mean it will help you. All you can do is give it a fair shot and be receptive to all the things that have helped others. You will find a combo that works for you and likely create your own mechanisms along the way.

This also applies quite heavily to our religions and belief systems. Those who check the “other” box when it comes to religion have been steadily increasing over the years. We’re beginning to understand that if there is a god, they don’t fit into the boxes we try to create for them. Religion is only man’s interpretation of that which he is unable to understand.

Besides that, our religions have been used to control societies and shed blood at least as much as they’re used to connect with spirit. Of course we would seek our truth elsewhere and my truth will not be your truth. Neither does my truth negate the truth of those who find solace in their religion. Our truth, in this sense, is only the interpretation of the unseen influences in our lives.

Whatever journey you’re on and wherever you may be on that journey, understand that it will not align with anyone else’s. If you find something that’s helpful to you don’t be afraid to eliminate what doesn’t resonate and if you learn something that is not helpful don’t forget to see if there’s any pieces that might fit anyway.


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