There is No One Person Who Can be Everything You Need

Published by Trish Nonya on

We have a habit, especially in our younger years, of holding our romantic love so high in our hearts that we tend to exclude other people and our own individual experience altogether. It’s somewhat of a natural thing in the beginning as you get to know each other but even then we often find ourselves slacking on the things that need our attention.

It’s a beautiful thing, how could we not want to spend every moment in the presence of someone who makes us feel this way? When it’s new, we’re allowed to go a little overboard, even shut out the rest of the world for a bit but at some point we must enter back into reality.

There is no one person or experience on this earth who can be everything we need. This is why we make sure to maintain our close friendships and have some experiences that don’t include our partner. Though you may have similar interests, there are things you like or need that they don’t and vice versa. Being able to maintain some independence in your relationship is vital to its health as well as your own.


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