Tis the Season…

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Most of my decks are packed and waiting to be shipped because I’m relocating so I’m not posting as often as I was. I wasn’t going to post today but I feel like someone really needs it.

This time of year tends to be the most difficult for many and the effects of this pandemic has only complicated things further. This is the season where we miss our lost loved ones the most. It’s the season where we worry about paying for presents despite the fact that we were already worried about rent. Depression is darker when the days are short and addictions become sharper.

I encourage you to take some time to reflect today. What is difficult for you right now? What can you do to help you cope a little better? You might create a new tradition to honor your lost loved ones. You might do a potluck with the friends who became your family. You might give to or seek help from charities in your area, or go see a doctor for your mental health. Of course we can all make an effort to remember what we have to be truly grateful for.

For those of us in the north, this is a hibernation period of sorts. Our bodies and minds are affected by cold and lack of sunlight. This is a time to rest up, take care of ourselves, and build energy to prepare for the return of the sun when we naturally begin to focus that energy outward again.

It’s ok to be lazy. It’s ok to need and ask for help. It’s ok to want to celebrate differently or not participate at all. This is a time to nurture yourself and those you love. It is a time to give things that cannot be purchased. This is the time to count your blessings, create art and dream of the good things you will manifest into reality.


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