Vulnerability – Daily Card for 7/6/20

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Nobody likes being vulnerable. We see it as a weakness and a way to invite pain, but it is our willingness to expose ourselves that allows us to heal and persue our goals. It takes courage to be vulnerable and everything good in life requires it.

For those of you who feel like you’re buckling under grief, depression, addiction, trauma, or shame, your life may very well depend on your willingness to reach out and show your wounds to someone else instead of letting it fester and build. Do not feed into the stigma surrounding professional help because these are unbiased people who have a whole arsenal of tools available to help you cope with your difficulties. There are new perspectives available to you here.

Some of you may be afraid to allow yourselves to get close to others for fear of being hurt or rejected, acting like you don’t really need love or connection. We all need it whether you admit to it or not, it’s just how we’re built.

Many of you want a new job or opportunity in the physical plane but may be putting it off or even running away from it because it requires you risk your comfort and learn an entirely new way of living. You will absolutely feel unprepared and even downright stupid sometimes as this is the way of anything new, there is always a learning curve.

Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is an incredibly courageous thing to do. You would do well to remember that your brain likes to maintain what is, and it uses fear to do that. Our brains are incredible but most of it’s mechanisms are designed to survive, not thrive. Aren’t you tired of just surviving?


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