Why You Should Prioritze Your Creativity

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Today you are being urged to examine the role that creativity plays in your life. You might feel as if you don’t have time for it or maybe you feel like you’re just not good at anything. It’s even possible that you just don’t consider yourself to be a creative person. Here’s the thing though, we all have it and it’s important to our overall well being.

Creativity is a way to express the emotions that overwhelm us. It’s the part of our mind that finds new solutions to old problems and helps us to visualize a future that doesn’t look like our past.

Here’s the deal though. You don’t get the benefit of being creative if you’re expecting perfection. Instead, it becomes another reason for you to be cruel to yourself. Of course your art doesn’t look like that other guy’s. He’s been at it for years and you have just begun. He’s probably had some training and you’re not even sure of what you need to learn. Practice does not help if you’re not learning and nobody is born knowing how to be good at anything.

Another issue with creativity is that sometimes we don’t know what we want to do or what will be suitable for us. The only way around this is just to see things that interest you and give them a try. Then repeat till you have found your thing or multiple things. Do not approach it with the outcome in mind. Approach it with the idea that you are learning and take pride in your progress.

So what do you get when you prioritze creativity in your life? You get something that’s just for you. You get satisfaction and a way to help your brain find good things to say about you. You see possibility in places where you once only found restriction. It helps to heal and bring joy into what is usually mundane. It’s a spark that can ignite all the different parts of your life. It is the very essence of you.


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