Work, Eat, Sleep, Repeat…You’re Doing it Wrong

Published by Trish Nonya on

Pleasure gets a bad rap because we tend to associate it with instant gratification and things that might be bad for us. Even when we know a little pleasure may help to relieve, refresh, and motivate us in times of stress, we tend to think of it as frivolous so it doesn’t make our to-do lists. But pleasure is truly the stuff of a life well lived.

Don’t just do the self care thing when you can find the time, you have to make the time and make it a priority. You should also realize that self care and pleasure go beyond a bubble bath or exploring hobbies. It’s laughing with your coworkers and cranking the tunes while you make dinner for your family. It’s a phone call with good friend and doing new things that might scare the shit out of you.

Self care is allowing light and laughter to join you in even the most mundane or difficult parts of your day. It’s understanding that pleasure is just as important as responsibility because it keeps us going when the going gets tough. When you have a day filled with laughter, you’re going to wake up the next day with a smile so get you some more of that!


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