Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

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When you’ve spent a lifetime or even a short time lacking basic material and emotional resources it creates a “lack” state of mind that can be difficult to overcome.

You might reject help from others because others have always let you down. You might reject hope because you feel it only leads to disappointment. Your view of yourself and the world around you becomes distorted because all you ever see is what you don’t have.

The problem with this lack-mindedness is that if your focus is on all the bad stuff, it becomes increasingly difficult to see the very things that could lift you out of your situation. It’s a snowball effect that makes you more miserable with every turn.

That help you refuse, small as it may be, may be just the boost you need to shift the trajectory of your path. That hope you fear could be used as a tool to motivate you. If you could see and be grateful for even the smallest bit of good in your life, you will find yourself able to find even more.

So how do you get out of this mindframe? Just recognizing its presence and learning its effects on your life is a huge start. Once you understand the problem you can begin to create solutions. Of course, like everything that’s important, it takes time and effort to overcome.

One of the best things you can do to overcome is to find as much to be grateful for as possible…every day. Be grateful for your breath, be grateful for that friend who still puts up with your shit, a cool breeze, a good meal, the sun on your face and the starry night.

You are not as alone as you think you are. You are not as destitute as your mind would have you believe. Your thoughts create your reality. You are the creator of your life so create based on what you desire rather than what you fear.


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