A Message From the Universe ~ Beware of Self-Doubt

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A Message From the Universe ~ Beware of Self-Doubt, Multiple Witches' Kitchen Oracle Cards
A Message From the Universe ~ Beware of Self-Doubt, Multiple Witches’ Kitchen Oracle Cards

Today’s Message from the Universe bids you beware of self-doubt.

Self-doubt can happen to even the most confident people in the most certain of situations. It tends to be worse during long-term projects and right before appointments, launches, or the big day. You might even be feeling anxious for what seems like no reason at all. Today might be one of those days for you so be aware of your thoughts at this time. Do NOT let these thoughts and feelings dictate your actions or ruin your day. Thinking and/or feeling something does not mean it’s true.

You’ve set great things into motion and probably even proved to some people just how dedicated you are, now it’s time to prove it to your brain. Think about when you first started on this path. Make note of how far you’ve come and pay special attention to all the seemingly little victories you’ve won along the way. There was a time when you were praying to be where you are right now so cut yourself a little slack, you’re doing this and you’re doing great!! Do something kind for yourself today, remind yourself that fear is often just part of the process, and maybe find something to distract you a bit.





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